To know what rate should be charged, you need to calculate both and use the smaller of the two. If there are no exclusions (i.e. equipment, teaching, subcontracting greater than 25k), the TFFA will generally be lower than the university rate negotiated by the Confederation. If you have significant exclusions in your budget, it is likely that the federally negotiated university rate will be lower. The only way to know is to calculate the budget in both directions and use the amount. The On-Demand Application (RFA) limits indirect reimbursement to 30 per cent of the TFFA, or 42.857 per cent of the TDC. How does 30% of TFFA have 42.857% of TDC? 25 Big Picture – Key Concepts for Spending What`s Reasonable – Necessary? The rules tell us that costs are paid and necessary if costs do not increase beyond those incurred by a “prudent person in the circumstances that prevail at the time of the cost decision.” Generally recognized as ordinary and necessary Use “Market Price for Comparable Goods or Services in Geographical Area” 21 Office of Management and BudgetThis price includes: 1. Application in response to the GJ 2015 FRG. 2. Formula Grants Terms and Conditions, 3.

General Provisions, 2 CFR Part 400, Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements adopts 2 CFR Part incorporated by reference. 2 CFR Part takes over the A-F sub-parts of 2 CFR Part 200; and 2 CFR contains the USDA-wide conflict of interest directive, in accordance with 2 CFR, Part 4. Hatch Act 5 Action Fund Management Manual. Guidelines for multistate extension and integrated activities 6. Guidelines for state work plans 7. Affected Parties Regulation (7 CFR 3418) 8. This price will reach the legal deadline of 30.09.2016, the end date of this project. A free extension of time is not possible.

9. This prize requires 100% matching. All correspondences must benefit directly from approved project objectives and be specifically identifiable. The winner is required to keep complete, accurate and up-to-date records to support all appropriate activities as part of the award. Accommodation conditions cannot be met with federal funds or goods or services provided under another federal assistance award. Terms and Conditions Office of Management and Budget 2 CFR Chapter I, Chapter II, Part 200, including uniform administrative requirements, cost principles and audit requirements for federal prices; Final rule When the invitation indicates a different rate than that negotiated by the Confederation, TDC must be used as a basis for ADF, unless otherwise stated. Application of the rates of facilities and administrative costs (indirect costs) to DOD/subcontract contracts: according to DFARS 2231.303, no restrictions (if the institution repeals it) may impose reimbursement of indirect cost rates other than those incurred by a higher education institution under a DOD contract passed on Or after November 30, 1993, unless the same limitation applies uniformly to all other organizations engaged in similar activities. The Ministry of Defence found that such a restriction was not applied uniformly. The following rates therefore do not reflect the application of the 26% limit on indirect administrative costs imposed by circular OMB A-21. We hope that this situation will be relatively short, and most sponsored project proposals have a period of more than one year, so that all budgets for sponsored project proposals will include the assessment of full indirect costs, as the sponsor authorizes under the rates in force in our indirect cost contract negotiated by the Confederation.