This business model is also called SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement (SAP Cloud Platform EA) and allows you to consume cloud credits based on actual usage. This model gives you the most flexibility. There is no switch per se. Customers can, at their own discretion, turn existing cloud services on and off. For elastic services, there is no need to disable, as only actual use is mandatory. For example, based services (i.e. the HANA database) that are calculated from a period, there is a deactivation provided. The authorization process is essentially a control mechanism made available to the administrator to avoid accidentally depleting cloud credits by one or two people on the team who may not know the effects. As might be expected, there are no charges at the time of the claim. Loading only begins if someone inserts/activates the services.

When consumer costs exceed the available value of the cloud account, the balance sheet account acts as a bill for the amount of the overrun. The goal of the Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement (CPEA) is to create a complete and simple customer experience for researching, testing, purchasing and using SAP cloud services and partners for new and installed core customers. It allows customers to integrate, expand and renew their own applications with commercial and technical features offered as cloud services. The service catalog provides each cloud service with a detailed description of its scope of functions, as well as the pricing schedules available in the respective data centers. For each service, it is clearly stated whether the service is only available by subscription or by the consumption-based model. The services used in this contract use a dedicated global account on SAP Cloud Platform. Prepaid service consumption for each credit period is the “initial cloud cash balance.” A customer who meets the minimum commitment threshold (for more details, contact your Account Executive) is authorized to sign the CPEA. This agreement entitles you to an annual consumption of eligible cloud services. The CPEA and the subscription model represent two business models.

Each model requires a specific contract and it is therefore not possible to combine these models into an agreement. From a technical point of view, too, it is necessary to separate subscriptions and consumption-based services into separate global accounts.