Even a tenant who breaks the lease can get his deposit back, although the landlord can withdraw money for unpaid rent and repairs. However, the owner is not required to return money to someone until everything moves, so your roommate is not yet entitled to his share of the deposit. If it`s a problem, you can pay him his share, then collect the entire down payment if you leave. If you do, you will receive the agreement in writing, give a receipt to your roommate and let her sign a document indicating that you have given him the money. Alternatively, you can ask the new tenant to pay your former roommate and then share the deposit with her if she is returned. If you have a roommate who is considering breaking his lease, here are a few things you can do to protect yourself as the remaining tenant. If you want to stay in the rental agreement, you may be tempted to sneak into a new tenant without talking to the landlord. Don`t do it, because it goes against your rental agreement and that`s the reason for the eviction if the owner finds out. There is a good chance that the landlord will be accessible to your proposed new roommate anyway, so be sure to do so legally and have the proposed tenant complete a rental application. When you moved in with your roommate, it looked like things were going to be great! But your roommate lost his job and stopped paying his fair share of the rent.

Your roommate may ask for more time to pay. Or they can ask for payment terms. It`s up to you to decide if you say yes. Be aware that it is usually more difficult to find a solution, the more you do not pay. If you have signed a rental agreement with your roommate, which means that you are both equally responsible for the entire accommodation and rental costs, you must always pay your share of the rent if they break their lease or are distributed. If you have signed individual leases, your share of the rent is unlikely to be your responsibility, but check your rental agreement and discuss it with your property manager to be sure. Both scenarios are all too common, and they could ask tenants how to get a roommate or ex from the lease. Although most people wait until their lease is complete to get around, situations occur where this is not always possible. The pre-lease extract is difficult not only for the owner and the person who needs to move, but also for the remaining roommates. If looking for a roommate is one of your current stressors, you`re not alone, tenant! Not only find a roommate, but also the perfect… If you can`t afford your seat, you need to find another roommate. Even if you and other roommates think you`ve found this, your landlord will have the last word.

He will want to do background and credit checks for the new tenant, as he did with you and your former roommate. If he does not agree, he can veto your choice. But where you live, it can make a difference. In San Francisco, for example, your legal right is to replace your roommate. Your landlord can only refuse for specific reasons, such as. B of the candidate who was expelled in her past. But what if your roommate lived with you without being in the rental agreement? You may be able to prove your liability with other evidence. If your roommate leaves, your first order is to get a lease.